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13th May 2015

Gobby football fan who defended abuse at female reporter loses his job

F*ck him into the dole queue...

Nooruddean Choudry

A smarmy, arrogant little gobsh*te who thought it was okay to shout abuse at a female football reporter has lost his job as a result…

CityTV‘s Shauna Hunt was conducting an interview outside a Toronto FC game when she was interrupted by a group of leery men shouting: “F*ck her in the p*ssy!”

They were mimicking a similar fan comment on Sky Sports News, which was yelled from a crowd of Villa fans behind a male reporter – not in the face of a female broadcaster.

Hunt immediately brought a halt to the vox pop, and decided to confront some of the men laughing behind her at their hilariously original bantz.

“Were you guys waiting around to see if you could ‘F her in the P’ me live on TV?…I’m sick of this, I get this ten times every single day,” complained the angry reporter.

One particularly cocky pr*ck was unrepentant, laughing in her face and loudly arguing his case in the most obnoxious, incoherent way possible.

“I don’t care, it’s f*cking hilarious…We’re not the only people…It happened in England…You’re lucky there’s not a f*cking vibrator near, like in England…It’s amazing and I respect it,” said the grinning nob.

Well neither he nor his mum are laughing now. On Tuesday, the man was identified as Shawn Simoes and his employer, Canadian electrcity provider Hydro One, announced they had sacked him due to odious remarks:

Well done Hydro One – and Shauna Hunt – for taking this rent-a-gob to task.

(Clip via CityTV)