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10th Jul 2017

Forget Romelu Lukaku’s official unveiling, let’s talk about the hashtag

Plenty of The Shining references...


Never mind the fact that Manchester United might just have pulled off the transfer of the summer, let’s talk about the really important stuff, shall we?

And what do we mean by that? Why, hashtags of course.

Romelu Lukaku has been officially unveiled as Jose Mourinho’s new striker. Standing on a poolside red carpet in Beverly Hills, images of the Belgian wearing his new team’s shirt have been fired out from all of United’s social media accounts.

Coming within a year of Paul Pogba’s big money return to Old Trafford, United have clearly learned the value of making a big fuss about their high profile new signings on social media. So, with #pogback still relatively fresh in everyone’s minds, there was understandably a great deal of intrigue as to how United would hashtag Lukaku’s big money move.

In the end, they went with the alliterative #RedRom and, because this sort of thing really does matter to some modern football fans, it sparked almost as much debate as the transfer itself.

Naturally, there was plenty of criticism…

Some appreciation…

And a fair share of Stephen King’s The Shining references…