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Forget Neymar, Glenn Hoddle is the talk of Twitter during the first half of England vs Brazil
Of course he is...

Let's be honest, despite the glamour of the visitors to Wembley on Tuesday night, England vs Brazil wasn't *really* the game generating the most interest.

During a goalless first half, those that were watching appeared more interested in ITV Sport's co-commentator for the night, Mr Glenn Hoddle. Because who cares about Neymar et al anyway, right?

Many watching the game - perhaps just those folk who didn't have Sky Sports for the Ireland-Denmark game - entertained themselves by sharing a number of (completely made up) facts about the former England manager to pass the time.

Stuff like this...



And this...

You get the idea by now...



Poor Glenn. Needless to say, his name was soon soaring high in the Twitter trending tables.

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