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27th Nov 2018

Unreal scenes at Manchester United as Marouane Fellaini appears to LOSE a child

Unreal. Only Fellaini.


Only Marouane Fellaini.

It could only be Marouane Fellaini. Of all of the players in all of the world against any other possible opposition. It had to be Marouane Fellaini. It had to this game. It had to be this matchday.

We all know that the big Belgian is…unique. Even without his famous afro hair, the 6ft 4in phenomenon of modern football is truly a one-off. No one else plays football quite like him. No other players utilises his elbows and chest in quite the same way, and no one can boast a comparable…technique.

But ahead of Manchester United’s crucial Champions League encounter on Tuesday night, he truly outdid himself. That is to say, Fellaini out-Fellaini’d himself. That’s because the midfield totem somehow managed to LOSE a YOUNG BOY against YOUNG BOYS.

We don’t mean he lost a Young Boys player he was meant to be marking during the game. No, we mean he literally misplaced an official Champions League mascot as the teams entered the field of play. Check it out for yourself. Un. Real.