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01st Jun 2018

The wild world of Gunnersaurus fan art

The Gunnersaurus the Banter Era deserves.

Wil Jones

Cannot unsee

This year, the unthinkable happened, and Arsene Wenger finally stepped down as Arsenal manager, and we are truly now in the Emery era. But there is still one rock that that has held the North London side together over the last two decades: Gunnersaurus Rex.  No matter how many how many fourth place spots are missed,  how many French teenagers fail to be the next Henry, and how many crazy outfits Hector Bellerin wears, the friendly green dinosaur mascot is always there, on the touchline, smiling away (or bowing his head respectfully at the appropriate time).

However, we now regret to inform you the Gunnersaurus has been ruined.

‘Fan art’, if you’re not aware of the term, is exactly what it sounds like – amateur artists creating unique interpretations of their favourite characters. Typically you get cool stuff like anime Simpsons or brilliantly original Spider-man comics.

But then I somehow discovered fan art of Gunnersaurus. And oh my god, it is quite something.

Exhibit A

One common, disturbing fan art trope is animal characters reimagined as humans. There’s a bit of that going on here. If you were always disappointed with friendly, loveable Gunnersaurus, we now have cross-fit Gunnersaurus. A Gunnersaurus who spends his weeknights lifting, and his weekends slamming Vodka-Diet Cokes in the local chain nightclub with a name like Pryzm or Liquid or Evoque. A Gunnersaurus who spams your Facebook with Harbalife workout invites.

Exhibit B


Arsenal English footbal team comission Jakob Sjøberg all rights reserved lineart by inks and colors me ARSENAL FOOTBAL MASCOT

This looks like it was concept art for never-produced Premier League-based Saturday Morning cartoon. Gunnersaurus Rex would have adventures with his friends Red The Devil, Harry Hammer and token girl Chelsea The Lion, and end every episode with a PSA to camera. It could have been the British Space Jam.

Exhibit C

This piece, by artist Jahmani Campbell, is the single greatest image created by man. Every time I look at it, I fall in love with something else. Possibly inspired by the obscure late 80s toy line Dino Riders, it reimagines Gunnersaurus as a scientifically-accurate T-Rex, decked out in Arsenal-branded anime-style battle armour, with two goddamn miniguns. I can’t decide what I love most about it. The pile of defeated mascots. Hammerhead choking out Cyril The Swan. Or just the fact that even though they rule over this dystopian hellscape, Arsenal can still only win the FA Cup. (Check out Campbell’s Instagram to see more of his work)