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05th Oct 2018

The Argentinian club that had that Homer Simpson shirt now have an Itchy & Scratchy one

They fight, they bite. They bite and fight and bite

Ferro de General Pico have just won everything.

Ok, the Argentinian fourth tier team might not be set to win the Champions League or anything next season, but it doesn’t matter.

You might remember several months ago when Ferro de General Pico revealed their green goalkeeper’s shirt – a standard emerald goalie shirt, it was nice, but nothing special on first glance. That is, until you noticed the lower left-hand side and realised it Homer Simpson, emerging from a bush.

Well, their Simpsons fandom clearly wasn’t a one-off. They now have another brilliant goalie shirt – but this time it has Springfield’s favourite ultraviolent cat and mouse team Itchy & Scratchy on it.

That is just so, so, so….. wonderful. We are all Ferro de General Pico fans now.

If you want one of the Itchy & Scratchy shirts – of course, you want one – Classic Football Shirts say they will be getting them in soon.

The previous Simpsons shirt was a reference to a popular meme from the episode ‘Homer Loves Flanders’ (the one where he suddenly befriends his hated next door neighbour). In one scene, Homer ventures out to Ned Flander’s driveway to ask if he wants to hang out. But Flanders, completely sick of Homer’s company, declines, and makes up a lie about going to visit Rod and Todd’s grandmother. So Homer slides ominously back into the hedge.

The scene is hilarious as it is – but it has since become an internet meme, as the green is very easy to colour key, and replace with something random and funny.

Ferro de General Pico play in the Trecera Division, which is the fourth tier of Argentinian football. Their shirts have gone viral amongst Simpsons fans, for obvious reasons.

It is very unlikely that a tiny Argentina club would have a 20th Century Fox property as their shirt sponsor, or that Fox has given permission for the kits – but these are amazing, regardless.


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