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29th May 2024

Second Premier League team at risk of huge points deduction before start of 2024/25 season 

Callum Boyle

Premier League

Leicester are at risk of being deducted 15 points

Leicester City may not be the only side who are handed a points deduction before the start of next season.

The Foxes were charged with breaching profit and sustainability over three year period ending in 2022-23.

Reports from The Telegraph have claimed that the second tier champions could face a hefty deduction of anywhere between six-15 points ahead of the 2024/2025 campaign.

New reports however are now suggesting that Everton could also be punished.

Why could Everton face points deduction?

It’s a scenario that Everton fans have been used to this past season having received two separate deductions but now a third may come into play.

Sean Dyche needs to sell players before June 30 – the date that marks the end of the financial year and the three-year period.

The Toffees already began £89.1m in the red which means they could only afford to lose an extra £15m before breaking the permitted loss of £105m over three years.

To make matters worse the apparent collapse of the £500m takeover by 777 Partners has left them fearing the worst.

Premier League

Everton are currently £583m in debt, with the debt to 777 rising to £200m last month after they provided a further £15m to cover wages and stadium costs, which they need an extra £200m to complete.

If they are unable to generate the funds then they could go into administration and receive an automatic nine-point deduction.

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