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04th May 2019

Appalling lack of sportsmanship demonstrated by Scunthorpe in attempt to avoid relegation

The Football League One relegation battle takes no prisoners

Oli Dugmore

Scunthorpe United's Josh Morris

The Football League One relegation battle takes no prisoners

How bad do you want it? Would you be willing to abandon your principles, get down and dirty with morally dubious decision making or actively cheat to save the club you know and love?

Scunthorpe United’s Josh Morris knows the answer. He played in Scunny’s relegation war with Plymouth Argyle, a deciding match that both teams needed to win to have any chance of survival in Football League One.

Morris was prepared to prevent Argyle from putting the ball out of play so an injury could be treated and then chip the keeper to equalise.

I’m not kidding. The Argyle keeper tried to roll the ball out for a throw in order to receive treatment but didn’t chuck it hard enough to stop Morris from intercepting. The wide man proceeded to dink the ball over the goalie and prompted Plymouth’s home crowd and players to explode.

Argyle’s official Twitter called it “the most unsporting goal in Home Park history.”

Scunthorpe did not opt to pull a Leeds/Villa and allow an open goal.

Still, Argyle managed to claw one back and win the game 3-2 but results elsewhere rendered it meaningless.

Scunthorpe and Plymouth were both relegated.