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23rd Nov 2023

Plymouth Argyle save cat’s life thanks to EA FC 24

Callum Boyle

Plymouth EA FC 24

A wholesome but sad story

A football fan has recalled how playing EA FC 24 was the reason behind saving their cat’s life.

The person, who is unnamed, took to Reddit to explain how they were playing the popular video game and that a moment of frustration led to them spotting their pet cat, who had been missing for two weeks.

“I was playing EA FC, and against Plymouth Argyle in my career mode. It was p*****g me off as they were playing like prime tiki taka Pep Barcelona, and 2-0 up, so I rage quit, sat on my bed and looked outside to calm myself down.

“That’s when I saw her in someone’s house looking at me from out the window.”

They then went on to explain that there had been ongoing construction work nearby his house and the owners had moved out temporarily, meaning nobody was in the property at the time.

That was the moment the cat was spotted.

Plymouth Argyle saved my cat
byu/AH4zArD inChampionship

“She must’ve gotten in and been trapped,” the user commented.

Thankfully though, the cat was rescued after the construction company were called and the cat was returned to it’s owner.

“She is back with us, albeit very hungry and skinny. She’d been stuck in a room for 2 weeks, all the doors were shut,” they explained.

They then went on to thank Plymouth, adding: “If it weren’t for Plymouth making me angry I probably wouldn’t have looked out my window in time to see her.”

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