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23rd Nov 2018

Now Patrice Evra is sensually eating flowers, leaves and raw vegetables

Wil Jones

At least there is less risk of salmonella here

Earlier this week, Patrice Evra made the whole of the internet feel physically sick when he posted an Instagram video himself licking a raw chicken, and suckling its toes.

He then released another video, explaining his actions, saying “I just kissed the meat and cuddled the meat,” but also admitting “I went too far when I sucked the toes of the chicken.”

Now he has put out a third video – the Dark Knight Rises of the trilogy, if you will, or the Empire Strikes Back.

This time he is taking the foot safety advice that he should have originally, and not touching any raw meat. Instead, he is eating a selection of vegetables and plants.

Evra nibbles on asparagus, baby corn and raw carrot.

He then pulls out some leaves that looks like he sniped them off the neighbour’s hedge.

Finally, he chews the petals off a flower.

Oh yeah, this is all accompanied by some sensual Barry White playing in the background.

In the description, Patrice Evra dedicates the video to all his vegan fans.

Some fans beg me to put the vegan version. Now I just asked to all my followers to be nice with all vegan people because I want everyone happy. Soo now everyone got is version.

Erm, ok.


Patrice Evra