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22nd Nov 2018

Patrice Evra admits he went too far when sucking chicken toes

Simon Lloyd

What a fucking headline, eh? Just look at it.

Patrice Evra, in case you weren’t already aware, loves this game

What exactly ‘this game’ is anymore, nobody really seems to know. In the beginning, most assumed it was a reference to football – a sport at which he competed at a very high level. Now though, several thousand Instagram posts later, we’re not really that sure at all.

On Wednesday, the game Evra appeared to be declaring his love for was deliberately giving himself salmonella poisoning, as the former Manchester United left-back bit, licked and kissed a raw chicken (he also spanked it a couple of times, just for good measure) for a video posted to his Instagram.

24 hours on from the video, which sparked a huge reaction on social media, Evra, who appears to be unscathed, has posted again, admitting that he may have gone a little bit too far (you reckon?).

“Some people find it funny, some people find it weird, some people find it disgusting,” he said. “We are all different, thanks God, but come on, I’m not a gangster.”

“I just kissed the meat and cuddled the meat,” he added. “But yeah, I went too far when I sucked the toes of the chicken.”

Evra, who is currently the only former Manchester United captain known to have performed such acts on raw poultry, also goes on to say some stuff about vegan people eating in his garden before – you guessed it – signing off by telling all his followers that he loves this game.