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21st Apr 2021

Neville and Carragher call for Liverpool and Man Utd owners to step aside after Super League scandal

Charlie Herbert

“I don’t see a future for the ownership of FSG at Liverpool anymore”

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have both come out and called for the owners of Manchester United and Liverpool to step down, in the aftermath of the Super League fiasco.

After both clubs were involved in the announcement on Sunday that they would be involved in a new breakaway Super League, the clubs and their owners were met with a flood of criticism and condemnation from figures across the world of football and politics, and most importantly the fans.

However by Tuesday night, both Manchester United and Liverpool had withdrawn from the proposed competition along with the four other Premier League teams involved – Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City.

City were the first side to withdraw their interest, and as the reality of the Super League’s imminent death became more and more apparent, both Neville and Carragher appeared on Sky Sports to voice their views.

The two legends of their respective clubs were unanimous in calling for the owners of both sides to leave.

Carragher told Sky Sports: “I actually think the situation with Liverpool’s owners is that l don’t see how they can continue.

“They can’t just leave the club, obviously, the business is worth a lot of money. “But I don’t see a future for the ownership of FSG at Liverpool on the back of this.”

“This will never be forgotten. I think the best thing for them would be to find a new buyer. I think it will be very difficult for them to have any sort of relationship with Liverpool supporters and the club going forward.”

Meanwhile, after the news that United’s chief executive Ed Woodward was resigning, Neville launched an attack at the owners of his club, the Glazer family.

Neville said: “Ed Woodward is the trunk of the tree. We now need to go for the roots because I said last night on Monday Night Football, I felt complicit. They’ve declared their hand.

“While they were peacefully sat at the club not making a statement, never showing their hand and never doing media conferences. Yes, they were taking money out of the club, yes, they were leveraged against the club. There was nothing we could do about that once the club became a PLC, but I said last night they attacked every single football fan in this country with what they did.

“Jamie Carragher has just talked about FSG having no place in Liverpool, the Glazers have no place in Manchester anymore.”

It really is difficult to see how any of these owners can garner even a modicum of respect from any fans, managers or players that are at the club during their tenure now. And surely after this attempt to get what they wanted crumbled so humiliatingly, some of them must be thinking that is no longer worth their while to be owners of these clubs.

If they decided to pack it in and sell up, you get the sense that the majority of fans would not mourn their loss.