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29th Apr 2022

Matt Le Tissier takes pop at Gary Lineker in predictably mad interview

Callum Boyle

Matt Le Tissier Gary Lineker

One regular day please

Matt Le Tissier is better known for his controversial takes on the world now than he is for his quite remarkable skills as a player, which says a lot, because he was bloody good at football.

Nonetheless, his opinions on the media and their portrayal of events have caught the attention of many, and it is with a heavy heart that we inform you that he is at it again. This time, in a recent interview with The Times.

‘I find it funny that he goes out of his way to criticise me for having an opinion that’s different to his’

Among claiming some of the images from the ongoing war in Ukraine have been “falsified,” the former Southampton forward and Sky Sports Soccer Saturday pundit also took aim at Gary Lineker.

Le Tissier said that the Match of the Day host goes out of his way to actively criticise him, even though Le Tissier doesn’t do the same himself, even if he doesn’t agree with the point made and accused him of being illiberal.

“I find it funny that he goes out of his way to criticise me for having an opinion that’s different to his,” he said of Lineker.

“I have followed Gary on social media for many years and a lot of the stuff I completely disagree with but I have never attacked him for it. But the other way round…”

Le Tissier then added that Lineker is meant to be known as the “nice bloke” however his treatment towards him and others says otherwise.

“He is meant to be the nice bloke, the woke Gary Lineker, nice and inclusive but he is the one going out of his way trying to dig me out,” the former forward added.

Matt Le Tissier Gary Lineker

‘That’s a price I am willing to pay’

Despite endless run-ins with the media over his left-field views, Le Tissier insisted that he doesn’t care what others think of him and he will continue to speak his mind.

“If that means I come in for a bit of criticism and I get labelled by you guys in the media who try to paint me out as some sort of nutter then that’s a price I am willing to pay,” he said.

“A couple of years ago I felt like something wasn’t right. People were interfering in my life who shouldn’t have been — mainly the government and scientists. I felt a real sense of injustice and when I feel a sense of injustice I can’t keep my mouth shut. I have to speak up.”

In the full interview, he makes many more baffling, unsubstantiated claims, which do not bear repeating.

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