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28th Apr 2022

Newcastle United fan fined for making Nazi gesture during Spurs game

Callum Boyle

Newcastle United Nazi salute

The incident occurred in October

A Newcastle United fan has been fined £300 after he admitted to making a Nazi salute towards Tottenham Hotspur fans during a game at St James’ Park in October.

Shay Asher, 24, admitted to the racially aggravated offence of causing harassment during the Premier League game after initially claiming he was waving to someone in the crowd.

Asher initially denied the offence

Rehana Haque, who was prosecuting at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court, told the Court that when Asher had been challenged by the steward inside the stadium “his face dropped and he quickly ran off towards the exit.”

Mrs Haque also added that a woman in the home end at St James’ Park saw a man perform a Nazi salute with his finger over his mouth to make a moustache and was also heard saying he wanted to fight Tottenham fans.

An image of the offence committed by Asher was shared by police, leading to the 24-year-old handing himself into the police and despite initially denying the offence, then admitted that he felt ashamed by what he had done.

Newcastle United Nazi salute

A statement from a Spurs Tottenham fan claimed the action had been performed intentionally

The prosecution read a victim statement submitted by a Tottenham supporter who stated that the gesture had been performed to harass fans of the north London club, who are known for having a large Jewish fanbase.

It also added that “It is an incredibly offensive reminder of what humanity is capable of.”

Alanna Wesencraft, who was acting as defendant for Asher, said that it was an isolated incident and that Asher had been caught up in the moment of the game and knew that he had acted inappropriately.

As per Sky Newsthe 24-year-old was fined £200 and also ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £34 surcharge. Northumbria Police meanwhile will also request a banning order for Asher, to which the defendant opposed and will be back in July.

Asher in the meantime has been ordered to stay away from sporting venues in both England and Wales in the meantime.

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