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25th Jun 2018

Old footage shows how just little Kevin De Bruyne’s voice has changed since his childhood

De Bruyne sounds exactly the same now as he did then

Wayne Farry


To some of you out there, those words will mean little if anything. They will be viewed as a collection of three upper case words that stand out just a little bit too much, and perhaps rightly so.

To the more initiated among you though, these words will ring in your ears until you draw your last breath, like a little wood pecker constantly pecking three shrill words.

It is, of course, the eternal words of Manchester City and Belgium midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, which were uttered to his teammates after Manchester City’s 2-1 victory over Napoli in the Champions League on October 17, 2017.

This piece of footage has now gone down in football lore as one of the purest moments involving De Bruyne, and particularly his voice, leading to questions such as ‘What is going on with his voice?’ and ‘How did it get that way?’.

Well, it now seems that we have the answer, thanks to a video posted earlier this year which shows a 12-year-old De Bruyne speaking to an interviewer about his future career.

Now, while the content is interesting – he mentions that he’d like to play for Liverpool and play like Michael Owen – it’s more his style of speaking which makes you realise that he’s pretty much had the same voice forever, to the point that one can help but think that he came into this world crying loudly before shouting “LET ME TALK”.