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16th May 2019

Frank Lampard belts out ‘Stop crying Frank Lampard’ after win against Leeds

Kyle Picknell

Super, super Frank

It’s difficult to say whether Leeds United bottled it on Wednesday night in their play-off semi-final second leg against Derby County.

Oh no, wait. No it isn’t. It isn’t at all. They bottled it. They completely and utterly bottled it. It was a staggering bottlejob. A bottlejob of epic proportions. A monumental bottle from the Leeds boys.

Derby became the first side to overturn a first-leg home defeat to make it to the play-off final and Leeds became the first side in a decade to lead the league at Christmas without going up. Ouch.

The result, 4-2 to Derby on the night, 4-3 on aggregate, is made even worse by the fact that Leeds supporters had been singing their new favourite song ‘Stop crying Frank Lampard‘ non-stop since the first-leg win.

Referencing Marcelo Bielsa’s infamous ‘Spygate’ antics earlier in the season, it’s set to the tune of Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ and in fairness to them, it’s pretty good. Even despite the thick Yorkshire accent.

Lampard, to his credit, took the chant pretty well and described it as “good fun,” before very, very impressively adding: “As a Chelsea player, there was a rivalry always with Leeds. We didn’t play them that much because we were in the Premier League, but that comes with it.”

After Derby’s heroics at Elland Road, however, he simply couldn’t help himself and got stuck right into the chant in the dressing room with his players, arms outstretched, absolutely belting along to it before pretending to sob his little eyes out.

As a neutral, you just love to see it.

To make things even worse for Leeds, the Derby County official Twitter account was laying into them.

No one should be getting this ruined by the fucking Twitter admin for Large Sheep FC. That’s just embarrassing.

The Gazprom is good. The Championship is so much better. If only because all the teams hate each other so much.

Please do inject it intravenously (and enjoy responsibly).