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27th Sep 2018

Petr Cech wears his helmet for contract negotiations on FIFA 19 Career Mode

Simon Lloyd

When it comes to the latest FIFA games, you can’t knock EA Sports for their attention to detail…

With FIFA 19’s release imminent, we’ve already told you all about how impressed we’ve been with several of its new features – most notably the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League.

Despite this, it’s inevitable that one or two things slip through the net. As usually happens in the days leading up to the launch of a new FIFA game, we’ve already seen the odd complaint that some of the players featured don’t really look like the real-life professional footballers they supposed to portray (we’re looking at you, John McGinn).

Now, thanks to tweet that’s attracted thousands of retweets, it seems there may have been a bit of an oversight concerning Petr Cech in the Career Mode part of the new game.

Since fracturing his skull while in action for Chelsea against Reading in 2006, Cech has worn a specially designed helmet in every game he’s played in since. He does not, however, wear it while away from the football field.

This point is not something that’s been factored in while making the new FIFA, which the tweet points out shows the Arsenal goalkeeper wearing the headwear during contract discussions (alongside what appears to be a an elderly Alan Pardew).

FIFA 19 officially launches on Friday September 28 in the UK.