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21st Sep 2018

Aston Villa call out FIFA 19 on Twitter over player’s appearance on the game

'Is this a joke?'

Simon Lloyd

The wait is nearly over

FIFA 19 is a matter of days away from its official release in the UK and excitement is steadily building.

FIFA fans have already discovered the game’s top 50 players, along with getting their first glimpse of how Champions League football – appearing on a FIFA game for the first time – will look.

But of course, not everyone is happy…

Usually, when a new FIFA’s release is imminent, someone, somewhere will notice how one of the players on the game looks absolutely nothing like the real-life footballer they are supposed to portray. Rarely, though, is this sort of thing flagged up by an actual football club

But on Friday, that’s exactly what happened with Aston Villa (or the person responsible for their Twitter account, at least).

A tweet sent from the club’s official Twitter page asked the game’s makers, EA Sports, if their representation of John McGinn was actually a joke. Accompanying the tweet was a picture of real-life McGinn next to FIFA’s version, which appears to be modelled on someone who has eaten the Scottish midfielder.

Work to do, we’re sure you’ll agree.

If you’re a former PES player, this sort of thing will probably ring a few bells. If it does, this quiz is definitely for you.