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Euro 2020

30th Jun 2021

People call Prince George England’s new mascot after Germany win

Kieran Galpin

Little Lucky George brought it home.

Last nights monumental win was a demonstration of just how powerful the England team can be. In the past, the passion has been there, but lady luck was never on our side. But our 2-0 victory against Germany marks an end to their 55-year reign, and for many fans, it heralds the beginning of England’s golden age. Some people may attribute the win to Southgates decisions, or perhaps Sterling’s repeated success, but there is another theory. Little Prince George, who didn’t get the dress code memo, could be England’s lucky charm.

A victory for the country, and the royals too:

This was George’s first major international sporting appearance. He stood alongside both of his parents, singing the national anthem to the best of his ability, though many have said he visibly rolled his eyes. We get it, George; it’s annoying when the anthem is about your family.

Rome is the next battleground of the campaign, where England will face Ukraine in the quarter-finals. But concerningly, the supportive fans who simultaneously boo and cheer will not be in attendance due to Covid restrictions. It is difficult to say whether this will have a lasting effect, but the atmosphere last night undoubtedly contributed to their success.

Many online are creasing over George’s sassy expressions

Though the lives of the royals are almost alien to us, everyone was united in their celebration last night. William thrust his fist into the air while Kate clapped with the biggest smile on her face.

Many online are attributing last night to the sassy little Prince. Could George really be the boost of luck England needed?

We will find out soon enough when England face Ukraine this Saturday in Rome.