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28th Apr 2018

Crystal Palace fans unveiled a banner in support of safe standing at Selhurst Park today

A petition in favour of introducing safe standing recently reached 100,000 signatures

Reuben Pinder

A petition reached 100,000 signatures this week.

It’s a hot topic in the world of football, safe standing. Since every stadium in the top two tiers was made to be all seater, fans who seek an atmosphere that can only be generated by standing and singing, have felt that their match day experience has been diluted.

The all-seater ruling came with good reason of course, as a precaution to avoid a repeat of the Hillsborough disaster that tragically took 96 lives in 1989. However, with the structures available, safe standing is achievable. You only have to look north of the border to Celtic Park, where it was been successfully installed in one corner of the ground. The fans who want to be part of that section migrate to it and generate an atmosphere that spreads throughout the game.

Crystal Palace fans have a reputation in England. A reputation for being loud singers, passionate supporters, and for making their voices heard.

The ‘Holmesdale Fanatics’ – an ‘ultra’ group who have an agreement with the club that allows fans to stand in Block B, behind the goal – lived up to that reputation during today’s 5-0 thrashing of Leicester City.

They’re not afraid to voice their opinion with banners, this lot, and today they proudly held one in support of safe standing.

A petition in support of safe standing last week reached 100,000 signatures, meaning a debate in parliament on the subject will take place, shortly after Sports and Civil Society Minister, Tracey Crouch, stated that those in favour of the changes were a “vocal minority”.

She also said that “While I appreciate there is a vocal minority who want a return to standing, I don’t think they speak for the majority and I remain to be convinced of the case. ”

Nobody is suggesting a return to the days of hooliganism, just changes that would allow every type of football fan to enjoy match day.