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29th May 2019

Arsenal and Chelsea fans were fuming at the broadcast angle for the Europa League final


Pause > Game Settings > Camera Angle

The Europa League final took place on Wednesday night, not that you’d know it from the view of the fans inside the stadium, the noise inside the stadium or the way the entire thing felt like a friendly during a team’s pre-season tour of Asia.

The worst aspect of the game though, by far (other than the fact Shkrodan Mustafi wasn’t on the pitch to add a bit of comedy value to proceedings for the neutral), was the camera angle.

Not since the days of White Hart Lane’s ridiculously high POV have fans had to contend with such an awful viewing position for a match.

I mean, look at the state of this:

And yes, obviously everyone tweeted about it. Let me shock you here: the tweets weren’t positive. They weren’t positive at all.