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29th Apr 2019

Assistant referee stops match for three minutes to go to the toilet

Wil Jones

When you gotta go, you gotta go

This weekend saw the Liga NOS match between Portuguese sides Chaves and Nacional stopped for three whole minutes so that one of the assistant referees could go to the toilet.

Yeah, that happened. Just watch.

Ten minutes into the second half of Sunday’s game, as a goal kick was about to be taken, the referee stopped the match.

One of the referee’s assistants then dropped his flag in the centre circle and sheepishly legged it off the pitch.

The fourth official is seen handing him something on his way off – possibly the key to the bathroom?

Finally, the linesman reappeared, to cheers from the crowd, and the referee jokingly showed him a red card.

Chaves went on to win the match 4-1.