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23rd Feb 2024

PGA pro left shocked after she is ‘mansplained’ about how to swing a golf club

Callum Boyle

PGA pro

The audacity

A PGA professional was left stunned after a fellow golfer opted to give her swing advice.

Georgia Ball is a qualified PGA pro and often shares tips and documents her life as a golfer to her fans on social media.

However her latest post caused outrage after one man tried to ‘mansplain’ how to improve her swing.

Ball uploaded the post, captioned: “Can you believe he said this? So the guy next to me tried to me ‘swing advice.'”

After taking her first shot, you can hear the man say: “Excuse me, what you are doing there, you should not being doing that.”

He then continued: “You should be right through your swing and follow through. You are too slow on the way up and then back,” before Ball – who evidently knows what she’s doing – calmly replied: “OK, I am going through a swing change at the minute.”


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Keen to double down on his attempts to think he knows more, he said: “I’ve been playing golf 20 years.”

Doing her best to maintain her calmness, Ball then lined up her next shot with a similar swing down the middle to which her newly-discovered coach had the audacity to congratulate her.

“See how much better that was?”

Seeing the funny side of it all, Ball said that she was merely imitating what the “best players in the world” do.

The TikTok clip has been viewed by over 10m people, with plenty calling out the man for his behaviour.

One commented: “I’ve been driving for 25 years but I’m not about to give Lewis Hamilton some pointers.

“My hope is that he comes across this video and it keeps him up at night,” added a second.

Another said: “I’d have defo shown you’re a PGA Coach and his reaction would have been priceless.”

A fourth said: “The anger that builds inside of me from just watching this is insane, idk how you kept so calm and nice.”

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