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19th Feb 2024

Laura Woods left in ‘real fear’ after stalker threatened to kill her dog

Callum Boyle

Laura Woods

The stalker sent messages for over two years

TV presenter Laura Woods was left in “real fear” after a stalker who had sent messages for over two years made threats such as killing her dog.

Harneet Kaur, 25, would often target the TNT Sports presenter online and would even send packages to Woods’ house.

Some of those packages included items like the Bible, sexual health tests and food.

In one parcel, a Starbucks order, Kaur attached a message that said: “From your secret admirer and I’m not crazy.”

Kaur, a Liverpool fan from Walsall in the West Midlands, first became obsessed with Woods back in 2021 and would even visit the street where the 36-yer-old was living.

As well as threatening to kill her dog, Kaur would also send abusive messages such as calling Woods a prostitute.

Laura Woods

Prosecutor Antonie Muller told Wolverhampton Crown Court: “Woods did not realise this was to be the start of a campaign against her.”

Kaur, who was arrested in April 2022 and rearrested later the same year, began to send progressively darker messages over time and even when police seized her phone and iPad, Woods would continue to receive messages.

She even posted one picture of Woods with the caption: “Wtf is that coke head doing at Anfield.”

The 25-year-old, who has autism, had also been banned by Liverpool after being found guilty of ticket touting.

Judge Talog Davies sentenced Kaur to 14 months and put her on a restraining order. Prosecutors had wanted her banned from every football ground in the country, but the Daily Mail reported that the judge considered the proposal too harsh.

Additionally, she has been banned from contacting Woods and 14 other people, and barred from going within 500 metres of her home.

Her defence lawyer Balbir Singh said in mitigation: “This defendant has never met Laura Woods, she has never spoken to her, she has never approached her – this is why this case is very different to many others that come before the courts.”

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