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21st May 2018

Fans aren’t in total agreement with Piers Morgan’s reaction to Unai Emery news

Give the man a chance

Darragh Murphy

After all the talk of Mikel Arteta, Unai Emery is set to be announced as the new Arsenal manager.

Reports from the Emirates on Monday night revealed that successful talks had taken place between the Gunners and Emery, resulting in an agreement for the former Paris Saint-Germain manager to succeed Arsene Wenger.

Emery’s appointment is expected to be announced at a press conference later this week, when we are likely to find out more about the nature of his deal and the backroom staff he will be taking with him.

A domestic treble was not enough to see Emery kept on at PSG but his recent history of trophies with the French club, as well as with Sevilla, has excited one of the world’s most famous Arsenal fans as Piers Morgan took to Twitter to welcome the Spaniard.

Morgan was one of the more vocal advocates for Wenger’s dismissal, having complained about the Frenchman’s impact on the Gunners for several years, and it makes for strange reading seeing him content with goings-on at his club.

However the reaction has not been entirely positive as some supporters fear that the club went in the wrong direction with Emery, with some fans even going so far as to suggest that he is a downgrade from Wenger.