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05th Aug 2017

Everton fans have a very valid issue with their gorgeous new kit

Whoa. We see what they mean


Blimey. We’d wear this to a wedding.

You’ve probably seen all the hype around the 125th anniversary of Liverpool Football Club. The Anfield side have made a huge deal of their landmark year of existence, and have done a great job of publicising it.

But there’s another anniversary on Merseyside that has gone under the radar in comparison. It’s 125 years since Everton’s first game at their famous (and infamous) Goodison Park ground. The Toffees first played there on September 2, 1892.

To celebrate the fact, they have unveiled a truly gorgeous special kit that they’ll debut during Sunday’s friendly against Sevilla in the legendary stadium. As you can see, it’s an absolute beaut…

But as far as drooling Blues’ fans are concerned there’s one burning question – if the club and Umbro were going to conspire to produce easily the most classy kit of 2017/18, then why didn’t they make it the official home kit? Instead the team will wear this uniform, which has been compared to Pompey or Cardiff City…

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With more and more fans arguing that the 125th anniversary beauty should be adopted as their club’s official home kit, it will be interesting to see whether club relent and make it happen…