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07th Jul 2017

Eagle-eyed Man United fans have noticed something about the deleted Mkhitaryan photo

Is this the real reason United deleted their tweet?


Poor Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The Armenian international was subject to all sorts of pisstaking when Manchester United tweeted an image of him in their new 2017/18 home kit with the message:

‘Ready in red [red circle emoji]. Our home shirt for the 2017/18 season is out now: [link]’

As you’ll no doubt know by now, the mocking replies revolved around Mkhitaryan’s (really quite modest) paunch, which was done no favours at all by the slim fit of his United jersey.

But Twitter being Twitter and football fans being football fans, they weren’t going to let this opportunity to take the Mkhi pass them buy. So there was of course #bantz ahoy, e.g…

The mockery got so bad so quickly that United actually ended up deleted the tweet altogether. But a few eagle-eyed followers noticed something else interesting about the image in question.

It seems that Henrikh either has three nipples, or he was wearing a nipple piercing during the shoot…

Now far be it from us to criticise piercings of any sort or ‘kink shame’ in any way, so we congratulate the former Dortmund man on his adventurous attitude towards metal body adornments. It shows a level of daring and imagination we’d like to see more of in his football next season.

Just remember to take it off during games – you don’t want an opposition full-back ripping at it during a corner…