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29th Jun 2017

‘Cyborg’ trolls Tony Ferguson over deadlift form after steroid jibe

An unlikely war of words

Darragh Murphy

Twitter feuds are commonplace in MMA.

So much trash talking is done over social media nowadays, with wars of words playing out in 140 characters on a regular basis.

Typically, they occur when the fighters stand any chance of competing against one another, i.e. you seldom see a flyweight talking shit about a heavyweight.

And in one of the more unexpected back-and-forths in recent memory, UFC featherweight contender Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino has gotten into it with top lightweight Tony Ferguson.

Ferguson kickstarted the beef with the Brazilian 145lber by responding to a post in which ‘Cyborg’ was seen applying a pre-workout gel designed to draw the sweat out of her.

‘Cyborg’ tested positive for steroids following a victory in Strikeforce in 2011 and had her licence suspended for a year as a result.

Late last year, the 31-year-old was notified by the United States Anti-Doping Agency of a potential violation but her suspension was lifted after she was granted a retroactive therapeutic use exemption.

And ‘Cyborg’ proudly showed off that she is a clean athlete by responding with proof of a recent test.

Not content to leave it there, she then resorted to an infamous video of Ferguson deadlifting with questionable form to troll the 155lbs contender.

It’s largely assumed that someone else looks after Justino’s social media but whoever did the above clearly isn’t one to hold back.