Crowd boo disappointing Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight 1 year ago

Crowd boo disappointing Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight

Well that was shit

In a shocking turn of events that absolutely no one could have predicted... the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight was utterly shit and we still can't quite believe it was even given the time of day, to be honest.


The "special exhibition" itself - which we knew would have no winner before it even started, by the way - ended up going the full eight rounds: no knockout or even 'clear' knockdown, for that matter (we'll explain later).

However, perhaps the most telling picture you could paint of the entire evening was the audience's reaction, as the entire crowd began to boo as the final bell rang. What did you expect, folks? It was a legend of the sport coming out of retirement for a cash-grab against a YouTuber for god's sake.


On paper, Mayweather landed 43 blows to Paul’s 28, with Money spending most of the evening showing exactly why he's 50 and 0: say what you will about him but his movement is virtually unparalleled.

We'd like to think this legendary let down will put a line under the recent advent of celebrities somehow generating enough clout to step inside the ring but, let's face it: where's there's money to be made, the fights will go on.