No winner will be declared at Mayweather v Paul fight 1 year ago

No winner will be declared at Mayweather v Paul fight

Just in case you were unsure on how much of a joke this "fight" is...

There will be no official winner in Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's exhibition fight on Sunday, despite the fact that knockouts will be legal.


The fight is taking place in Miami on Sunday at midnight, and the Florida State Boxing Commission has confirmed the ruleset for the match, which are:

  • There will be no judges
  • No official winner read
  • Knockouts will be legal
  • A knockout is up to the referee's discretion
  • No headgear will be worn
  • 12 oz gloves will be worn by the two fighters
  • The fight will consist of eight three-minute rounds

Sky Sports report that the rules for the weigh-in have yet to be officially confirmed, but Youtuber Logan Paul has claimed on social media that he must weigh-in at 190lbs and Mayweather 30lbs less. He has claimed that for every pound overweight he is, he'll be fined €100,000.


Paul recently admitted that he didn't even know what the rules for the fight were going to be, so the announcement from the commission will be welcome news to him I'm sure.

He has only ever fought in one professional fight before, losing to KSI, but some are backing Paul to give Money Mayweather, who went 50-0 during his career, a real fright.

Carl Froch recently said that he reckons Logan has "got a chance," and Logan's former trainer Shannon Briggs said that he is "going to shock the world."

Paul himself has said: "I'm 30 pounds heavier, I'm like six, seven inches taller. Half his age and I'm hungry, and I've got nothing to lose.


"I'm going in there with that energy, and he's got everything to lose. There's a lot on the table for him, not a lot on the table for me, and that's a dangerous man.

"It's a fight, so anything can happen."

And if you want to wake up at 4am in the morning to watch a YouTuber and a 44-year-old man punch each other (or more likely, not punch each other) in Florida, then you can get the fight on Sky Sports Box Office for £16.95.