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16th Nov 2021

Conor McGregor branded a “little rich weirdo” by UFC icon

Danny Jones

Chael Sonnen calls Conor McGregor a 'little rich weirdo'

He went on to call him ‘a little bit of a dork’

MMA promoter and commentator Chael Sonnen came out guns blazing against Conor McGregor, saying he is “on the verge of becoming a little rich weirdo” after calling out fellow UFC fighter with Max Holloway.

Sonnen, a former fighter himself, was speaking on his self-titled ESPN+ show when he was asked what he made of a recent video the Irishman had posted to his socials. McGregor gave his own response in kind:

As you can see, while he somewhat understood Conor’s attempts to try and troll Holloway – understanding that the aim is to “steal a headline” – he suggested that the 33-year-old has no real intention of stepping into the octagon against any of the people he is currently calling out.

He then went on to say that while there is talk of him fighting Dustin Poirer, he’s “already smashed him twice”, and that Conor “needs to heal himself” before he ruins a reputation that is still, undeniably, a big draw for the sport.

He ended the interview by saying that stunt like this are making him come across “a little bit of a dork”. The video he is referring to was quickly deleted by McGregor, however, the internet had already got its hands on it and the general consensus seems to be that this is a rather bizarre and embarrassing look for ‘Notorious’:

To make matters worse, Holloway came up against Yair Rodriguez on Sunday and despite winning by unanimous decision, McGregor spent the fight blasting him, in another post that since been deleted where he simply said: “Best boxers my ass”.

Unphased by the smack talk, Holloway fired back with a little dig of his own, mocking McGregor’s rather desperate looking claim that he is ‘undefeated in the UFC, despite having actually lost four times.

The pair’s feud is well-known and long-running and despite Sonnen’s suggestion that Conor won’t really come for any of the people he keeps calling out, we reckon a bout between these two is very much on the cards at some point down the line.

Beyond Holloway and Poirer, there are all manner of names who McGregor has called out and vice versa that have intimated they could dish out a beating. We recently spoke to the now-retired Georges St. Pierre who said just that and explained exactly why:

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