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22nd Jun 2017

Confused football fans react to Ben Foster’s bizarre M&M-eating technique

Yes, that is a story


Here we are, JOE readers.

It’s the kind of story that reminds you all that we are very much slap bang in the middle of a summer with no major football tournaments (we’re not counting the Confederations Cup).

With both that and the fact that there aren’t any major transfers on the immediate horizon, here’s a story about how Ben Foster eats peanut M&Ms… Hello Pulitzer Prize!

The West Brom goalkeeper, 34, took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to share his method for eating M&Ms – which seemingly sees him eat the chocolatey shells and just leave the peanut bit in the middle.

Clearly, this raises a number of questions. Perhaps most importantly: Why don’t you just buy the chocolate M&Ms instead, you fool?

Sharing a picture of the shelled peanuts with his followers, Foster asks ‘Surely I can’t be the only one who does this right?’.

You can probably guess the nature of the responses. Pretty much everyone agreed that Foster was the only one to do this…

Now can we please have some decent football news to write about please?