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13th Jun 2017

Confused football fans have all noticed something strange about Celtic’s new 2017/18 kits

Well, this is different


Make no mistake about it, Celtic Football Club bloody love the colour green.

And how did we arrive at such a conclusion? Well, look no further than next season’s kits…

As you might expect, their home shirt for next year – which features the special crest to commemorate the Lisbon Lions’ triumph – features its famous green hoops.

With that in mind, it might come as something as a surprise that green features so prominently in their new away kit, too.

Made by New Balance, the same green hoops appear on their changed shirt, which is predominantly a darker shade of – you guessed it – green.

Still, at least New Balance wouldn’t produce *another* green kit for Celtic next season. That just wouldn’t work, would it?

Well, actually…

While we should stress that the third kit design is still to be confirmed, there are strong rumours that this too, will be green.

Images such as the one below have been floating around on social media in recent days. A more luminous shade of the colour, the shirt pictured is believed to be in a child’s size, hence the lack of the club’s shirt sponsor, dafabet.

As you might expect, the fact that all three of the club’s shirts next season appear to be shades of the same colour has caused plenty of confusion on Twitter…