Coleen Rooney vows to stand by Wayne after semi-naked hotel picture 'stitch up' 1 year ago

Coleen Rooney vows to stand by Wayne after semi-naked hotel picture 'stitch up'

Coleen Rooney will stand by Wayne.

Not many women could say they would stand by their husbands after a scandal, but Coleen Rooney will reportedly stand by her husband after pictures surfaced of him in a hotel room with three women.


The 35-year-old was seen partying in a nightclub after his team's victory against Salford City. Images of him in the nightclub and later with at least two women in a hotel room, went viral yesterday.

The Sun reports Coleen believes that Wayne had been set up with the snaps:

“Coleen is fully behind him. She feels he’s been the victim of a stitch-up.


“She has spoken to him and is entirely backing his version of events. They are rock solid.”

The Mirror reports that Rooney invited the group into his VIP booth. Wayne and two of his friends then joined the girls in their £60-a-night room at Staycity hotel.

The fan who filmed him in the street said:

“I ran over when I spotted it was him. I was so excited to see my footballing hero.


“He’d clearly had a heavy night and was all over the place. He was struggling to put words together. It was daylight and heaving in town.”

The former England player has complained to the Greater Manchester Police, though no official police statement has been made.


The MailOnline reports that the images are understood to have been taken on Saturday night, the first weekend that nightclubs had been open since March 2020.

The images show no suggestion of wrongdoing on Rooney's part.

Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation after Rooney's lawyers made a complaint to them. His legal team have not confirmed what the exact complaint was but it is understood that the ex-footballer and current Derby County manager believes he was set up.

Rooney has been with his partner Coleen for nearly two decades now. The couple started dated when they were 16 and married in 2008. They have had four sons together.

The 35-year-old is in the midst of preparations with his Derby side ahead of the new Championship season which gets underway on August 6.


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