Chris Eubank and Joey Barton involved in tetchy radio interview 4 years ago

Chris Eubank and Joey Barton involved in tetchy radio interview

"Remind me of your name again, sir."

Chris Eubank and Joey Barton were involved in a tetchy interview on Monday morning. The former Rangers and Manchester City midfielder was a guest co-presenter on talkSPORT's breakfast show and Eubank called in for an interview. However, the former boxer didn't appreciate Barton's questions about his son.


Chris Eubank Jr scored an impressive victory over Avni Yildirim earlier this month and the fight was broadcast on ITV Box Office. Barton wasn't happy about this, saying that while he's a boxing fan, he wasn't aware that Eubank Jr was involved in a bout that night.

"I'm just saying it's disappointing that he can't build a huge fan base because if he was on terrestrial TV or on Sky, a lot more people would be aware of him," Barton said.

However, Eubank Sr didn't accept Barton's view, saying that there's no alternative to putting fights on pay-per-view, and that it still represents value for money for punters. He then seemed to hang-up on Barton.


You can listen to the clip here:


However, it turned out that Eubank's line went dead because he was travelling on a train and went through a tunnel, and he didn't purposely hang up on Barton.

And all is now well between them, even if Eubank completely rejected Joey's theory about his son being "stuffed away" on ITV Box Office.