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21st Dec 2021

Nate Diaz makes bareknuckle fighter spill his beer with fake punch at Paul-Woodley fight

Callum Boyle

Archer took to social media to call out Diaz after the incident

A hilarious video of Nate Diaz has circulated around social media after the UFC star was seen throwing a fake punch towards a bareknuckle fighter, which caused him to spill his beer.

Diaz was at the recent fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley last weekend, which saw Paul win with an emphatic knockout against the former UFC fighter – who was a late replacement for Tommy Fury.

But as eye-catching as Paul’s display in the ring was, Diaz’s actions were just as memorable as he began to walk past Carrese Archer.

Rather than just walk on by, the 36-year-old decided to have a bit of fun, instead throwing a fake punch, which in-turn caused Archer to send his beer out of his hand and flying in the air.

Security were soon on the scene at the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida to prevent the situation from escalating anymore. But Archer didn’t see the funny side, taking to social media to describe Diaz as a ‘bona fide female dog.’

He said: “Hello, world, I see a lot of laughter. Everybody laughing, same thing, make you laugh, make you cry.”

“Nate Diaz is a bona fide female dog. He has the security protecting him and you go flinch on me and try to sucker punch me when I am not paying attention and you all think this man is a gangster?

“I think the world is f****d up and confused around here. When they think about what is a real gangster. I am a real street dog. I’m in the streets, believe that.

“Anybody that knows me knows how One Punch rock it… Anyway, back to why I’m making this video, Dana White, I see you made a post and you laughed and you thought it was funny.

“I bet you won’t think it’s funny, you sign me for one fight and I knock Nate Diaz the f**k out in the first round.”

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