Brutal new angle of Jake Paul's KO punch emerges 4 months ago

Brutal new angle of Jake Paul's KO punch emerges

Hollywood haymaker

A new angle of Jake Paul's KO blow against Tyron Woodley is doing the round online and it's blockbuster stuff, we can't lie.


The Paul defeated the MMA fighter in the rematch selected to replace the cancelled fight against Tommy Fury. In the clip secured by Showtime Boxing, the person behind the camera is essentially level with canvas as Woodley slaps against it.


It's a great shot, there's no doubt about that - almost too good, some would say, as many are labelling the fight as rigged after the influencer turned boxer made a suspicious hand twist just before the knockout punch.

In fact, if you look close enough at the clip - around four seconds in - you may even be able to make out the controversial gesture. Jake Paul's KO may look Hollywood but perhaps there's a reason for that?

The debate on social media is delightful and some people are even comparing the punch to Tony Bellew's on Michael B. Jordan in this behind the scenes footage from Creed:


The discussion around the authenticity of the fight will no doubt rage on until Paul's next fight is named; the 24-year-old says he wants to go down as a "legend", but regardless of his current reputation within the discipline and amongst fight fans, the influencer advent and his boxing brand have undoubtedly brought even more new eyes to the sport.

Once again, it remains to be seen exactly what his level is until he comes up against a true boxer - his previous fights having been against people either outside of combat sports or MMA fighters (some even retired) - but he now is 5-0 as a professional and that can't be ignored.

We spoke to some diehard followers of the sport to get their take on it:


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