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30th Oct 2023

Francis Ngannou fans think they’ve spotted scorecard error following Tyson Fury’s controversial win

Callum Boyle

Tyson Fury Francis Ngannou

More controversy

Tyson Fury’s victory over Francis Ngannou has left a sour taste in the mouth of the former UFC star’s fans after they believe that they spotted an error on the scorecards.

Fury defeat Ngannou via split decision but didn’t have it all his own way after being knocked down by the former UFC star in the third round with a sweet left hook shot.

The Gypsy King struggled to find his rhythm at times and didn’t look like his usual self against a fighter who was competing in a professional boxing bout for the first time in his career. 

Many felt that the decision to award Fury the win was a controversial decision and after the release of the official judges’ scorecards, fans are left even more baffled, with mixed views on how the bout went.

Since Saturday night, the scorecards have been released in which they revealed that Fury landed more punches than Ngannou, who’d only managed to make contact with his opponent 59 times out of 233.

Fury was also awarded six out of the 10 rounds whereas Ngannou only won four according to the scorecards.

On two of the judges’ scorecards, Fury was awarded the win by 96-93 and 95-94 and Ngannou scored 95-94 on the third.

However, fans have noticed that the scorecard shows the Gypsy King had thrown an illegal elbow punch that landed clean on Ngannou’s head – something the ex-UFC star had failed to notice.

As a result, Fury didn’t have a point deducted and was subsequently  10-9 on all three judges’ scorecards – which proved crucial in the final outcome of the fight.

Fans who had noticed it then said that Ngannou should’ve been awarded the victory.

“Ngannou beat him,” said one fan.

Another wrote: “So, they don’t count the Fury elbow, then one of the judges gives Fury 96-93 even with the knockdown…

“On top of that Fury also threw an elbow which is illegal. The judges should have taken a point from that in which is would have been a draw or Francis would have won.”

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