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28th Oct 2023

Francis Ngannou completely blanks Eminem at event before Tyson Fury fight


Maybe another fight is on the cards

Tonight is the big night for boxing fans everywhere, and with a big fixture like Fury v Ngannou comes a lot of galas, press events and parties.

And last night was no different, with a huge fancy dinner held with numerous stars in attendance.

Among them were Cristiano Ronaldo, Tyson’s younger brother Tommy, as well as Rio Ferdinand, Ricky Hatton and Mike Tyson.

Not to mention the inimitable Slim Shady, Eminem.

However, fans have spotted what might be perceived by Slim as a slight, after the Cameroonian-French Ngannou didn’t seem to realise the legendary rapper was stood right by him and completely blanked him.

It took members of his entourage to pull Ngannou back and point out to him that he’d almost aired one of the best rappers of all time.

It took the MMA star a moment to realise who was stood before him, and to be fair Slim looks very different to his iconic platinum blonde look.

They did, thankfully pose for a snap together, and all’s well that ends well.

But it was a moment that wasn’t lost on fans, with people questioning how you could possibly blank Slim Shady of all people.

To be fair to him, Ngannou probably has other things on his mind.

The ringwalks for the Fury vs Ngannou “Battle of the Baddest’ fight are due to take place at around 10:40pm BST tonight, dependent on the lengths of the undercard matches.