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09th Jul 2018

Atomic Kitten were trending on Apple Music this morning because of the Gareth Southgate chant

The power of Gareth Southgate

Reuben Pinder

Spreading like wildfire, this chant

Football can do incredible things. It can unite a divided nation, it can lead people to jump off double decker buses and it can send Atomic Kitten up the charts.

Remember them? Atomic Kitten? They of ‘Push the Button’ and ‘Whole Again’ fame. They haven’t been seen or heard about for years. That changed over the past two weeks though, thanks to some genius football fans who devised possibly the catchiest football chant in years.

With England exceeding all expectations in the World Cup and making a semi-final for the first time since 1990, Gareth Southgate has been elevated to national hero status and therefore he deserves his own chant. And what a chant he’s got.

Fans serenaded the England boss after the 2-0 win over Sweden on Saturday afternoon, which Southgate lapped up, and who can blame him?

Anyway the chant has reached such popularity that Atomic Kitten were trending on Apple Music this morning. They last released an album in 2003, although they have been embarking reunion tours in the past few years.

In other music football crossover news, Three Lions is unsurprisingly number 1 in the charts and will surely become the national anthem if football does indeed come home.