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02nd Apr 2017

Arsenal Fan TV almost caught up in chaotic scenes outside the Emirates

Close to kicking off

Darragh Murphy

Certain groups of Arsenal supporters seem to be turning on each other.

In the aftermath of the Gunners’ 2-2 draw with Manchester City on Sunday afternoon, it was well documented that the atmosphere inside the Emirates was a little bizarre for this particular match.

Large pockets of silence from the home support provided the soundtrack for the 90 minutes while footage emerged online of some fans fighting in the stands during half-time of the draw.

There seemed to be unrest outside the ground after the final whistle too as violence threatened to kick off.

Arsenal Fan TV, who typically give their analysis of games from outside the stadium, were almost caught up in the chaos as lead presenter Robbie was shoved by an aggressive supporter.

Robbie is the most recognisable face from the fan channel and given the divisive nature of Arsenal Fan TV, they are often singled out by unhappy fellow fans who disagree with their contributors’ opinions.

Robbie still managed to get his work done, as he spoke to the lesser-known Moh to get his take on the game.

But it’s not the first time that Arsenal Fan TV’s contributors have been on the receiving end of unsavoury behaviour as, earlier this year, we saw Ty’s hat stolen by aggressive Chelsea supporters.