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19th Jan 2023

Argentine farmer grows 124-acre image of Lionel Messi visible from space

Callum Boyle

Lionel Messi

That’s one way to celebrate

A farmer in Argentina has grown a huge 124-acre image of Lionel Messi to celebrate the legend’s World Cup win in Qatar.

Messi produced a series of dazzling displays to guide his nation to a first World Cup triumph since 1986, which included a penalty shootout victory against France in the final.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, farmer Maximiliano Spinazze decided to grow an image of Messi by planting a specially designed cornfield.

Spinazze used a method which allowed him to calculate where seeds would need to be planted in his field in Los Condores, which is in the central Cordoba province of Argentina.

Luckily for Spinazze, his calculations proved to be correct, and an image of Messi appeared.¬†“Now they are world champions, I am delighted this can be expressed by planting the crop,” he said.

It’s the latest in a series of tributes to Argentina’s number one star as fans try to immortalise their World Cup win. One fan even got Messi’s name tattooed on his face, but has since gone on to admit that he regrets getting inked.

Colombian influencer Mike Jambs got Messi’s name across his forehead as well as three stars on one cheek and ‘D10S’ – a combination of the Spanish word for God and Messi’s shirt number – on the other cheek.

Jambs initially defended his decision, claiming that he wasn’t “harming anyone” and it that he wasn’t “doing anything illegal” but since then, has realised that it may not have been his wisest move.

“I regret having done the tattoo because instead of bringing me positive things, it’s led to lots of negative things, both personally and for my family,” he admitted.

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