AFCON referee goes viral for bizarre running style 6 months ago

AFCON referee goes viral for bizarre running style

Yet another iconic moment from AFCON

The Africa Cup of Nations has served up no end of drama to our TV screens since it started on January 9.


From referees blowing up for full-time early to the wrong national anthems being played, it's been quite the spectacle. The football has also been entertaining, with plenty of shocks, including current holders Algeria's departure in the Group Stage.

During Nigeria's win against Guinea-Bissau on Wednesday, another moment of gold was served up in the shape of referee Peter Waweru.

The Kenyan, who is also the Professor of Pure Mathematics at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya, went viral for his bizarre, yet brilliant running technique towards the closing stages of the game.


As Guinea-Bissau began to launch a counter-attack, Waweru used his unorthodox style to keep up with the play. With high knees, a straight back and arms swinging back, he raced to keep up with the action.

Whether you criticise it or not, it proved to be effective for the Kenyan.


Supporters had also picked up another moment as Waweru blew up for the full-time whistle in a rather emphatic style.

As he blew the full-time whistle, he raised his left arm in the air, then his right, before pointing them both towards the tunnel as a signal to end the game.


His actions caught the eye of the internet, with one Twitter user suggesting that he should be offered a role in the Premier League.

He said: "I don’t care how you do it, but this man must referee in the Premier League."

Another person meanwhile said that they enjoyed his dedication to the job.


"I like that tbh, man looks like he is trying to be a true professional," they tweeted.

Whichever game the Kenyan is reffing next, be sure that he is now likely to have his own little fan club looking out for more of this wild, yet brilliant scenes.

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