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02nd Apr 2019

Jameson’s glitter-filled, whiskey thief-catching device was actually an April Fool’s joke

Brought to you by Jameson Irish Whiskey

Yesterday, Jameson revealed an innovative new device that would spray glitter on any would-be whiskey thief who tried to tamper with their special new bottles. They called it Jameson Catchmates.

Did you, however, notice what the date was yesterday? That’s right – it was 1st April. April Fool’s Day, the annual prankster’s Christmas.

Jameson Catchmates was just a joke. A ruse. A charade. It was not real.

Although, to be fair, we still support the ethos that led Jameson to create Catchmates in the first place: the idea that whiskey is meant to be shared, not stolen.

The device supposedly worked like this: if you feared a friend, housemate or other nefarious characters might try and get their grubby hands on your delicious whiskey, you could set the cap to ‘Glittershot Active-Mode’.

Then, when the guilty party tried to open the bottle, they would be bombarded with a shower of green glitter. Anyone who has opened a glitter card will know the struggle of trying to brush all that mess off yourself.

Jameson claimed that: “Over 10,000 local, hand-crafted emerald green glitter particles have been selected by Jameson (arts and) craftsmen in Midleton, Ireland, and packed into each Jameson Catchmates bottle to ensure maximum coverage of any whiskey-thieving mates.

“One twist of the cap sees any sip-stealing roommate met with a wave of green glitter,” the description continued, “turning their sticky fingers into sparkly ones. Simply put the cap into ‘Glittershot Active-Mode’ and place Jameson Catchmates wherever you keep your whiskey, to ensure friends who’ve been taking liberties start thinking twice before helping themselves.”

For now, I guess we’re just going to have to keep an eye on our whiskey the old fashioned way.

Although Jameson Catchmates was all an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank, several hundred of these Glittershot-equipped decoy bottles did make their way out into the wild. So a word of warning to all those whiskey-thieving roommates out there! The next shot you try to steal could end up being a glittery green one. Didn’t get your hands on a bottle of Jameson Catchmates? Not to worry, they have t-shirts. 

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