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27th Jan 2022

School district responds to rumours litter boxes are for students identifying as furries

Kieran Galpin


One mum believes it’s part of an agenda

In a viral Facebook post, a Michigan school district has wildly denied rumours that they are providing litter boxes for students who identify as “furries.”

What is a furry?


A furry is typically someone who enjoys dressing up as anthropomorphic animals – but honestly, even the internet can’t really lock the definition down.

Typically speaking, the lifestyle of ‘Furries’ is inherently personal and no two ‘Furries’ are alike. However, the general theme is behaving, dressing or speaking like humanoid animals.

At a school meeting hosted on December 20, parent Lisa Hansen said she was “really disturbed” after hearing of “at least one of our schools in our town, in one of the unisex bathrooms, a litter box for the kids that identify as cats.”

She continued: “I’m all for creativity and imagination, but when someone lives in a fantasy world and expects other people to go along with it, I have a problem with that,”

She later defined “furry” as someone who identifies as a “cat or a dog, whatever.”

Hansen then said that the “nefarious” practice was part of a nationwide “agenda being pushed.”

Footage of the meeting was shared on Facebook on Thursday by Michigan Republican Party co-chair Meshawn Maddock. Predictably, he wrote: “Parent heroes will TAKE BACK our schools.”

However later that day, superintendent Michael E. Sharrow took to Facebook to clear the air.

He wrote: “It is unconscionable that this afternoon I am sending this communication, however, our Midland PS stakeholders may be confused about a false message/accusation that has resurfaced this week and is gaining traction in the social media realm.

“Let me be clear in this communication. There have never been litter boxes within MPS schools.”

The comment section is as expected – outrageous and so entertaining.

“I just can’t believe this is real,” said one keyboard warrior, while a second commented, “What’s going on in this town?”

“Clearly it was fake. Me and my two brain cells figured that out,” said a voice of reason.

Another person questioned: “Logistically … no public school has the budget to afford kitty litter for a small percentage of their community to use also … ask yourself the last janitor you’ve met … would they scoop human faeces out of a litter box?”

Then the conspiracy theorists jumped in, adding: “Furries, much like birds, are a deep-state globalist false flag conspiracy invented by the communists as sleeper agents with the intention of making your kids attracted to your household pets.”

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