Teen who cares for disabled mum in council flat wins Eton scholarship 3 months ago

Teen who cares for disabled mum in council flat wins Eton scholarship

The incredible young man has been looking after his mum since he was nine

A 15-year-old schoolboy who has been caring for his disabled mum since he was nine has been granted an Eton scholarship.


Ilyan Benamor of Stratford, east London, won the scholarship to the prestigious Berkshire school after an extensive three-day assessment which resulted in his £80,000 school fees being covered.

Ilyan has been taking care of mum Lalia alongside his studies since she was diagnosed with cancer back in 2016. When he eventually attends the world-renowned school, the family have organised for his mother's brother to come to the UK and continue his caring responsibilities.

Credit: SWNS - Ilyan, age 9, taking care of mum Lalia

The 49-year-old mother fled war-torn Algeria just before Ilyan was born, having to leave behind his father who is now in a permanent vegetative state following a hit-and-run.

While Lalia thankfully survived her illness, she now suffers from a debilitating condition called Functioning Neurological Disorder (FND) which means she struggles with her mobility and has to use a wheelchair.

Living in Stratford - one of the most deprived areas in the capital - Ilyan has managed to do all of the cooking, cleaning and shopping in their London council flat for years, with a carer provided by Newham Council helping him out for three hours every day.


Schoolboy Ilyan at Eton Credit: SWNS

Now, thanks to his own hard work and a Community School Trust’s (CST) prestigious colleges programme which helps disadvantaged pupils compete for places at top fee-paying schools, Ilyan will soon be enjoying at Eton scholarship.

The teen said "I am so excited about Eton but at the same time, of course, I am worried about being away from my mum. I said it when I was 12 and I still feel the same", adding, "I am so proud of my mum. Everything she has been through."


Lalia said "I don’t want him to worry about me, he has already worried too much. He has already done too much for such a young person", calling him "the kindest, most gentle and loving son any mother could ask for."

She went on to declare "it is now his time to focus on his life and fulfil his potential."

Ilyan will attend a school that counts the likes of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Princes William and Harry - among countless other notable names - among its esteemed graduates.

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