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22nd Aug 2022

Married couple with 42-year age gap hit back at trolls who say bride is ‘after husband’s money’

Kieran Galpin

@dave_jackie2818 UC BERKELEY Botanical Garden #agegapcouple #agegaprelationship #husbandandwife #ageisjustanumber #pinayinusa???? #bisayangtiktoker ♬ Grow Old with You - Adam Sandler

Dave said the age gap ‘doesn’t make a bit of difference’.

A married couple with an age gap of 42 years has defended their relationship after followers said she was only after his money.

Jackie and Dave met back in 2016 via an internet dating website called Cherryblossoms. The two hit it off, and Dave travelled from the US to Cebu in the Philippines to visit Jackie.

“Jackie and I first met via an internet site called Cherryblossoms. I was in Cebu in the Philippines at the time when I was using that website and I noticed Jackie’s profile,” Dave explained in a recent TikTok. “I sent her a message and said I liked her profile and I was interested in meeting her.”

@dave_jackie2818 How did we meet? #bisayangtiktoker #pinayinusa???? #ageisjustanumber #agegaprelationship #agegap #husbandandwife ♬ Grow Old With You – Anthem Lights

Jackie said that they exchanged phone numbers and met up the following day at Starbucks, where “he gave me a chocolate chip cookie.”

“Jackie was a little bit shy back then and she was tired after working the graveyard shift at work so on that lunch date I ended up doing 95 per cent of the talking,” Dave added. “You could feel there was enough of a connection there to want to get together again. So Jackie and I got together a few more times before going back to the US.”

@dave_jackie2818 UC BERKELEY Botanical Garden #agegapcouple #agegaprelationship #husbandandwife #ageisjustanumber #pinayinusa???? #bisayangtiktoker ♬ Grow Old with You – Adam Sandler

But the relationship has not been without hardship, most notably from trolls on the internet who disapprove and call Jackie a “gold differ.” According to them, she’s “only in it for the money.”

In another video, Dave said: “So there is a 42-year age gap. She’s 27 and I’m 69 and to us it doesn’t make a bit of difference.”

In the comments, one user said: “People are negative don’t worry be happy I’m 55 my pilipina is 26 and I’m heading there in February from U.S. to live in Philippines after 7 yrs LDR.”

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