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09th Jan 2022

Hugh Hefner’s ex says dog became cocaine addict in Playboy Mansion

Kieran Galpin

Hugh Hefner

Are poodles not excitable enough?

An ex of the late Hugh Hefner has claimed that the Playboy Mansion’s pet poodle became addicted to cocaine thanks to drugs being everywhere.

Sondra Theodore, 65, appeared on docuseries Secrets of Playboy to dish up all the goss on the many infamous parties of the Playboy Mansion. Having been Hefner’s girlfriend from 1976 to 1981, Theodore said she picked up drugs for him “countless times”.

She said: “There was drugs everywhere.

“John Dante was Hef’s best friend and Dante had a dog, Louis, who was a tiny poodle [who] got hooked on cocaine.

“The dog could smell it from across the room.”

She continued: “A very famous person walked into the house one night and that little dog jumped off the couch like super dog, flew to that person and was licking her up the nose.

“And she goes ‘[This dog] just loves me’… and we are all going ‘yeah sure’.

“[We] knew why that dog was on her. He had to lock that dog up when people were around because he was addicted to cocaine.”

On her drug runs for the hedonistic millionaire, she said: “It made me feel like I was important to him. I was told it was in the name of love.

“I was afraid to speak up… Hef used cocaine. He used more than that – he had a drawer full of drugs.”

Among the treasure trove of narcotics, a prescription drug called Quaaludes were most notable. The drug is usually used as a sedative to treat insomnia and anxiety.

Hugh Hefner

Recalling the times she took said drugs, Theodore said: “Everything felt good to touch and soft focus and it was lovely.

“Usually you just took a half. If you took two you passed out.

“The men knew that they could get girls to do just about anything they wanted if they gave them a Quaalude.”

Lisa Loving Barrett, Hefner’s former secretary, referred to the drugs as “leg spreaders” for this very reason.

She said: “Quaaludes were what we called leg-spreaders. That was the whole point of them.

“They were a necessary evil, if you will, to the partying.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the poodle’s story has not been revealed.

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