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15th Aug 2022

Man, 27, who is engaged to great-great-grandmother, 74, slams critics of his ‘perfect’ relationship

Kieran Galpin

‘She has a very pretty face and very sexy body from her cute little toes that wiggle around to her big squishy thighs’

A couple with a 47-year age gap has spoken out after receiving criticism for their relationship, saying that they are “perfect” together.

Despite pushback from some people, Devaughn Aubrey, 27, thinks Kathi Jenkins, 74, is “perfect” for him. The two met through an online dating site called Adult Friend Finder (AFF) in 2021 and started off being purely physical.

However after getting to know one another, the two lovebirds made things exclusive and are planning to wed next year.

“I stumbled on her picture, it was a picture of her breast. I read her profile and messaged her in hopes of a response, she was online too and answered back,” the stocker at Walmart told the Mail Online. “I asked for her number and she gave it to me then she immediately asked how big my member is and we talked for a bit that night.”

Things became official around Thanksgiving and Aubrey’s family were supportive, despite the initial surprise over the age gap.

Jenkins’ family was more apprehensive, admitting that she’s never really been “into black men.” Now the family is onboard, except for one of her daughters, who is against Aubrey being vegan. In total, the great-great-grandmother boasts four children, 13 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandson.

Explaining why the age gap doesn’t bother him, Aubrey said: “She offers good advice and always knows what she is talking about. She can think for herself and she loves to be her honest self without fear of judgment.

“She makes me feel loved. She tastes really good and sweet and makes me feel like maybe I do belong here on earth.

“She is a really good cook and also she helps me to keep up with stuff, I like it when she puts my stuff in her purse because I never know where I put things.”

The couple were not shy about sharing the sexual details of their relationship, with Aubrey admitting: “She has a very pretty face and very sexy body from her cute little toes that wiggle around to her big squishy thighs to her wide jiggly hips that give her so much pain to her weird belly button that I love to play with.”

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