Jack Black crashes graduation students' photoshoot 1 year ago

Jack Black crashes graduation students' photoshoot

You can't not love the guy.

Graduation is special moment in anyone's life. The official end of your degree, for many the moment that marks the end of their education life.


Pictures are obligatory. Wearing the gowns, holding your certificate, parents behind you smiling. A picture that will take pride of place on the mantelpiece.

Now imagine your proud graduation pics, but with Jack Black posing with you. That's what a group of students in the US will have to treasure for the rest of their lives after the comedy/music/acting legend rocked up at their graduation.

LA photographer @visionarydaniel captured the moment that Mr Black posed for pictures with the grads, with Black even giving direction as to how and where they should pose in order to get the best lighting from the sun.


Daniel says in the post caption: "thank you! @jackblack literally a legend"

He explains in the video: "We found Jack Black during a graduation photo shoot, he agreed to take pictures!"

And the pictures are sick as well.

@visionarydanielthank you! @jackblack literally a legend #fyp #viral #viralphotoshoot #graduationshoot #photographersoftiktok♬ Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Safe to say that people were full of love for the Tenacious D vocalist in the comments.

One user wrote that "he's one of the very few good people left in the world," with original poster Daniel agreeing, writing: "Agreed, such a kind soul"

Another commented: Love this!!! @jackblack is such a cool and amazing guy! You will never hear a bad thing about him."


A third simply said: "Jack is an angel I'm convinced."

The video on TikTok has gathered over 560,000 likes and been viewed 2.4 million times.

And just in case you weren't convinced about how much of a legend Jack Black is, then here's the first time he went viral on TikTok this week.


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